AOSA-Salus Public Health Scholarships

AOSA Public Health Scholarships at Salus University

The mission of the American Optometric Student Association is to “improve the visual welfare and health of the public, to promote the profession of optometry, and to enhance the education and welfare of optometry students.” The Board of Trustees  of the AOSA constantly looks for ways to fulfill those three main goals and we proudly offer our members an exclusive scholarship  opportunity for qualified, motivated and passionate student leaders.

salus logoFuture challenges to the profession of optometry are linked to the dynamic changes in the health care system. Anticipating and navigating the complex changes in the organization, and the financing and delivery of health services demands leadership that has  a firm grasp of public health knowledge, skills and values. The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at Salus University  —home to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry—is designed to prepare optometry students for these challenges. As part of our  commitment to the future of optometry and its role in public health, the American Optometric Student Association has entered into  a partnership with Salus University in offering five $10,000 Master of Public Health Scholarships to optometry students.

Salus MPH AOSA Scholarship Brochure

Salus MPH program home page

Applications for this scholarship begin on a rolling basis starting July 1, 2013. Applicants must be members in good standing with  the American Optometric Student Association. There will be five scholarships available per quarter for the next calendar year, from  July 1, 2013 to July 1. 2014. Student applicants must meet the Salus MPH admission requirements described on the University’s website .

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and scholarship recipients will be individually notified in time for registration in the next or future terms.

Students have the flexibility of an on-line learning, part-time program that is generally completed over two to three years and will  typically run beyond the four-year OD degree time period. All scholarship applicants must receive approval from their respective institution’s administration for participation in the Salus MPH
degree program prior to registration in the first MPH academic term.

A formal approval process is required and successful candidates must have a strong academic record. The Salus MPH program is intended to complement and should not interfere with the  student’s pursuit of their Doctor of Optometry degree program. All interested students will be advised as to the appropriate procedures to follow at their respective institutions.

To be eligible for consideration by the selection committee, each candidate must complete the application process. The following items are the minimum acceptable for consideration by the selection committee:
Completed Salus MPH application form

  • Resume
  • Life experience essay
  • Personal statement
  • $100.00 application fee

For questions about the application process: please contact Robert Foster, Executive Director, AOSA
For questions about the Salus University MPH Program: please contact Dr. William A. Monaco

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