AOSA Executive Council

The officers of AOSA

From left, the Executive Council of the AOSA is Vice President Brian Park (SCCO), Treasurer Jessilin Quint (Indiana University), Secretary Jazzi Junge (UC-Berkeley) and President James Deom (PCO-Salus University).

Duties of the Executive Council:


The President works with the Executive Council and the Executive Director to advise the Board of Trustees, appoint committee chairpersons and National Liaisons, and facilitate the development of programs to benefit the association and its members. The President represents this organization at affiliated meetings and serves as National Liaison to the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Vice President

The Vice President assumes the function of the President in the event of the President’s failure or inability to perform the duties of office. The VP communicates directly with committee chairs appointed by the President and is directly responsible for these committees to the President and Council. The VP also serves as Parliamentarian at Board of Trustees’ meetings, along with preparing the agenda and arranging for speakers to address the Board of Trustees’ Meetings at the Annual Conference and Midyear Planning meeting. The VP calls for reports from the Trustees and Liaisons for the two annual meetings, and serves as the National Liaison to the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO).


The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the minutes, voting, and policies of the Board of Trustees and Executive Council. In conjunction with the Executive Director, the Secretary serves as the editor of Foresight, the national optometric student publication. Communication between the Trustees and the Executive Council is maintained by the Secretary. As the chair of the Website Committee, the Secretary is also responsible for maintenance of the website.


The Treasurer’s main responsibilities include co-signing all checks, making necessary changes to the budget, coordinating benefit acquisitions, confirming that benefits have been received, and setting up regularly scheduled conference calls. Furthermore, the Treasurer maintains industry relations while trying to secure new benefits and sponsorship. The Treasurer is also the chair of the Benefits Committee and tallies the results of the benefits survey. Finally, the Treasurer serves as chief editor of the annually revised Glossary of Ocular Terminology.

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